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Lasting Relief Without Surgery Patient Testimonials! ﷯ Treatment has relieved the majority of sinus pain and pressure. -Mary Walker ﷯ Dr. Latorre exceeded my expectations with the balloon sinuplasty procedure. My breathing is dramatically improved and no more sinus infections. I highly recommend Dr. Latorre for this procedure. -Emily LoDuca ﷯ Procedure made such a difference! I can breathe so much better! -Diana Dietzel ﷯ Procedure was exactly what I needed! I can finally breathe!!! -Thomas Giamo ﷯ Before the nasal procedure, Balloon Sinuplasty, I felt like I was breathing through a straw. Now I feel like I have more room to breath. 1000% improvement. -Matthew Perry ﷯ I found the balloon procedure to be very interesting. I was explained everything I needed to know. At all times I was informed what will happen which I appreciated. The procedure itself has improved my sleep with less pain. I enjoy the cooperation of the office. -Robert Lannon ﷯ No more blocked sinuses with less pain and pressure. It feels great to breathe so easy now and I would recommend Dr Latorre if you need this office procedure. -Barbra Sessions ﷯ This procedure has dramatically improved my quality of life after years of chronic sinusitis, stuffiness and drainage. I highly recommend both this procedure and Dr. Latorre! -Renee Friesen ﷯ I strongly recommend Dr. Latorre and his staff to anybody with sinus problems. Balloon Sinuplasty is nothing short of amazing. -Krystal Peters ﷯ My quality of life improved the very next day. I sleep better, breath better, and the migraines have subsided. Dr. Latorre helps you understand every aspect of the procedure and knows what he is talking about unlike some other doctors I have dealt with in the past. -Dexter Thompson ﷯ I used to have constant sinus infections, now I can breathe and headaches are rare. -Michael Hefley ﷯ The first words out of my mouth as I came out of the anesthesia was, 'I can breathe better already!'. I am one week post-op and am amazed as to how clear my nasal passages are and my ears don't hurt. You must trust me when I say that you have found the best ENT in the area!!! -Cathy Reynolds ﷯ At present, I am feeling much better, I no longer have sinus headaches and the bothersome feeling of congestion. My post nasal drip has significantly improved. -Henry Cochrane ﷯ Dr. Latore answered all my questions. He has great bedside manners. Balloon Dilation Procedure and the recovery is much easier than I thought it would be. I can sleep again. -Michael Ball ﷯ I was treated very well by Dr. Randall Latorre and all the staff, the Balloon procedure was painless and fast. -Jerry Obrien

With over 250,000 patients who have been helped with Balloon Sinuplasty, and hundreds more experiencing it each day, there are many success stories showing it to be a safe and effective procedure that can provide real relief from painful sinusitis symptoms.


Some of these former chronic sinusitis patients suffered repeated sinus infections, and many of them tried multiple sinus treatments, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications and antibiotics, before they experienced Balloon Sinuplasty. They have found symptom relief, better quality of life, and more active lifestyles following the procedure.

Don’t suffer from symptoms of Sinusitis another day.


Balloon Sinuplasty has already brought sinus relief to many people in Tampa, and now it’s your turn for Quick, Comfortable Relief.

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